Street School Nigeria Initiative

The purpose of this project is to Identify out of school street children, beggars and hawkers and conduct mobile literacy classes. The project will begin with weekly classes on Saturdays and will progress to more classes as funds increase. Because unfortunately, many street beggars and hawkers provide income for their families, it might be difficult to try to convince the parents of such children to allow the children to attend the literacy classes instead of hawking or begging. To address this issue, mothers and guardians of these children will receive life skills classes where they can learn a skill to be able to earn income themselves so that they can allow their children go to school once they are integrated into schools. Once we are able to partner with the government on this project, parents will be given cash stipends as incentives to allow their children attend the classes and stop hawking or begging.

Integration Model: This phase of the project is concerned with integrating the children who have benefited from the street school classes over a period of time into partner primary and secondary schools.