E4P Street School Nigeria Initiative Project

Project name:E4P Street School Nigeria Initiative I

Location: Rumuibekwe Community, Port Harcourt, Nigeria 

Project Timeline: August 2018 – October 2018

The main aim of the E4P Street School Nigeria Initiative project is to identify out of school children on the street, beggars and hawkers and to conduct foundational learning sessions (Street school lessons) with them to enable them gain basic literacy competencies of reading, improved speech, basic numeracy skills and knowledge of current affairs in preparation for their learning in formal education system.

This project was implemented in Rumuibekwe community in Port Harcourt, Rivers state. In preparation for the project, our team of volunteers receieved two trainings on Literacy and Effective Teaching Methods and on Child Psychology and Emotional Intelligence. Project implementation kicked off with a meeting with the community stakeholders in Rumuibekwe to introduce the project. The stakeholders expressed their interest and support and consequently, information was disseminated to the members of that community. An official registration exercise and competency test to ascertain the literacy level of the beneficiaries of the project ensued. This was followed by two weeks of brainstorming, discussions, planning and training within E4P after which the seven-week Street school lessons commenced.


The street school lessons concluded with an evaluation test and a closing ceremony which included handing out certificates and prizes. For the impact of the project, at the end of the street school lessons, children with very low reading competency were able to 3-4 letter words and had completely learnt the letter sounds with the corresponding blending techniques. Children in this category were also equipped with basic numeracy skills. In addition, we were happy to see the children put into practice what they had learnt about etiquettes, mannerisms and personal hygiene as most of the children meticulously washed their hands after visits to the restroom during the lessons. The Children with advanced reading competence were taught other basics in Numeracy and English (rounding off numbers, Clauses etc), important issues relating to world knowledge and Nigerian History as well as other practical issues such as societal ills/vices, consequences and how to avoid them and pollution, its causes and avoidance. There was also an interactive session where the children were given the opportunity to proffer solutions to eliminating pollution in Nigeria.

A day was dedicated to teaching the children about career choices. It doubled as a motivation session to ensure that the children understood their potentials and ability to achieve their dreams and aspirations. We also emphasised the importance of giving back to society. In conclusion, the project enabled us to identify areas where we need to improve children’s literacy.

This influenced our decision to start the E4p monthly literacy club event as a follow up project from the E4P Street school lessons. This will be a progressive step aimed at improving the spellings, pronunciations and overall academic excellence of the children as well as an opportunity to facilitate the process of securing sponsorship for the out-0f-school children and to enable their integration into the formal education system.