About Us

Our Vision:  To improve the education experience of every Nigerian child by ensuring that education at secondary school level is relevant and tailored to harness the capabilities of the Nigerian child in an environment void of violence.

Tagline: “Relevant Education in a peaceful school environment”

Mission Statements:

  • To facilitate the creation of a conductive and safe learning environment for students void of violence, abuse and bullying.
  • To conduct a school programme that equips students with resources and professional guidance to enable them make the right educational choices that harnesses their innate capabilities.
  • To establish a strong student-led platform where students are able to work closely with their school authorities in ensuring that issues affecting their schooling experiences are effectively addressed.
  • To provide free basic literacy education to out-of-school child beggars through the street school Nigeria project and then integrate these children into the formal education system.
  • To facilitate collaborations and partnerships between education NGOS and organisations to provide more holistic solutions to the problems in our education sector

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